How Do I...?

... Get More Figures to Use In My Animations?

Last updated on 11/16/2010

In addition to the set of built-in figures and the optional Library figures that ship with Stykz, there are three ways (currently) to get additional figures for use in Stykz.

Make Them Yourself

Stykz has all the tools you need to build your own figures from scratch, or you can modify any figure that comes with Stykz or that you get from others.

Download Pivot .stk Figures and Import Them

Since Stykz supports importing figures from Pivot Stickfigure Animator, you can download any Pivot .stk file and import it into Stykz and use it (or add it to your Library). Although there are several places to download .stk files from, the most popular is (see Getting and Using .stks From

Get Them From the Stykz Community

Several sites have cropped up (and more will follow I'm sure) that provide forums for Stykz users to discuss topics and share Stykz Figure files (.styk) as well as Stykz documents (.stykz). The most popular of course is the home of Stykz, There is a forum exclusively for posting and downloading Stykz files, so you can always go there to see what others have created.