Importing Pivot .stk Files

Getting and Using .stks From

Last updated on 11/18/2010

One of the places to go to download figures is Droidz has been around for years, and has the most downloadable resources for Pivot users, including a large library of Pivot 2 and Pivot 3 Beta Sticks (.stk files). It is, of course, our hope that they become as active in supporting Stykz as they are with Pivot, but in the meantime, the best way to get additional figures for your animations is to go to and download Pivot .stk files that you can then import into Stykz.

Here's how you do that...

Go to the Sticks Page at

Open a web browser and navigate to Your browser should look like this:

Navigate to a Category Page

The site has a number of different categories of stick figures (1); select one (like "Weapons"), and the table below will fill with a list of figures for that category (2). Here's an example of what it looks like when you click "Weapons":

Determine Which Stick to Download

If you move the mouse over the Info icon, you'll see a popup that tells you what format the file is in before you download:

Of particular interest is the Version (1) because if it says "Pivot 2.2.5" then it will import into Stykz with the least compatibility issues - in fact 95+% of Pivot 2.x .stk files import flawlessly into Stykz. If the Version reads "Pivot 3 Beta", then it might contain a sprite (bitmap) as a segment (which is currently not compatible with Stykz), so the sprite portion of the figure will be ignored.

If you move the mouse over the View Image icon (1) and click, you'll get a preview image (a GIF) of what the stick looks like:

Download the Stick

When you're ready, click on the name of the stick you want to download (like ".50 CAL Magnum"), and the stick file will be downloaded by your browser - it will be a long number with a .stk extension, like "12156213111.stk".

Import the Stick

Finally, back in Stykz, choose File > Import Pivot .stk File... and in the file selection dialog box, select the .stk you downloaded and click Open. Stykz will convert it and put it in the current document window and you're good to go!