Setting Preferences


Node Options

Can Only Move Figure Using Drag Node

If this is checked (the default), the only way to move a figure on the Stage is by dragging the drag node. Sometimes, however, depending on node size being displayed, or just for a personal preference, you may wish to uncheck the checkbox. Doing so will allow you to click on any part of a figure other than on a pivot node with the Select tool and drag the figure around.


Show Nodes...

This dropdown menu lets you select the method you want to use to manage the "layering" of nodes. These correspond directly to the options in the View menu: View > Show Nodes in Front (checked) is the same as the dropdown option In front of all segments (which is the default choice) and View > Show Nodes in Front (unchecked) is the same as In layers with segments. For a comparison of the two methods, see the Node Layering topic.

Segment Options

This option, available for Windows users only, allows you to choose whether you want figures to be displayed antialiased (smoothed edges) or aliased (no smoothing). The default is Antialiased. You can find out more about the difference between these two and why one may be preferable over the other by reading the Antialiasing in Stykz topic.