Terms Used

Last updated on 11/10/10

Stykz uses the following terms throughout the app and the help documentation:


This is the working environment in an open Stykz document - basically what would be the "content" area if this was a word processing app. Figures are placed on the Stage in order to animate them.


A figure is any stick figure, made up of one or more segments and nodes. For example, here is the list of built-in figures in Stykz (although the "Single Node" is not technically a figure):


Segments are the lines and circles that make up a figure. They are more specifically referred to as line segments and circle segments.


Nodes are red and yellow circles, attached to the both ends of a segment. The red nodes are used to rotate the attached segment(s) and are called pivot nodes. The yellow one is used to move a figure around the Stage and is called the drag node.