Working WIth Documents

Saving a Document

Last updated on 11/6/2010

Saving a document in Stykz is just like saving documents in other applications (File > Save...):

The only difference is that Stykz will default to saving to the Applications folder it created for you during install unless you go somewhere else in the file saving dialog box.

Pivot Compatibility Note

If you are just starting to use Stykz after having worked with Pivot for a while, you may try to use File > Save to export an animated GIF image from Stykz (since this is the way Pivot did it). However the File > Save and File > Save as... menu options are only for saving Stykz document files. If you want to export your animation to GIF (or QuickTime .mov, or a sequence of images), you will need to select File > Export Animation... instead. For more information (including the reason Stykz does things this way), see the Saving vs. Exporting topic.