The Palettes

Frames Palette

Last updated on 11/16/2010

The Frames Palette is used to view and navigate to different frames of the currently active Stykz document.

To toggle the display of the Frames Palette, choose Windows > Frames, or type Cmd-2 (Mac) or Ctrl-2 (Win).

Clicking on a frame will take you to that frame in your document, and will put a red border around the frame thumbnail image in the Frames Palette:

The Next Frame button in the palette will read "New Frame" if you are currently on the last frame of your document. You can use the Enter key to trigger the Next Frame button, and you can even be dragging a figure or segment while you are hitting the Enter key to capture multiple frames of your animation quickly.

You can navigate between frames by hitting the comma (",") key (which also has the "<" symbol on it) to go to the previous frame, or the period (".") key (which also has the ">" symbol on it) to go to the next frame.