Error: "QTCF.dll is missing"

Last updated on 12/19/2010


(Windows Only) You received an error message that tells you the "QTCF.dll is missing from your computer".


Stykz uses QuickTime to output animations in .mov format, so if it detects you have QuickTime installed, it will try to initialize its connection to QuickTime when it launches. If there is a problem with your QuickTime installation, however, you will receive the error message.


1) Exit Stykz if it's currently open.

2) Reinstall QuickTime. You can get it from Download it and run the installer.

2) Restart your computer. Although you may not be asked to do this, it is good practice to restart after you have installed extensions to your system.

3) Launch Stykz. You should be able to launch and use Stykz normally now.