Working With Figures (Select Tool)

Adding/Deleting Nodes

Last updated on 11/7/2010

In addition to creating your own segments, you can remove nodes from a figure and you can add new nodes to a figure, and it is as simple as mouse click.

Adding a Node

To add a node, hold down the Option key (Mac)/Alt key (Win) and click on a segment where you would like to have the new node created. Doing so will split the target segment into two segments with your new node separating them:

Deleting a Node

To delete a node, hold down the Option key (Mac)/Alt key (Win) and click on a pivot node that you would like to remove. If the pivot node is between two other pivot nodes, Stykz will merge the two segments on either side of the node you clicked on and draw a straight line between the end nodes of two segments. It's a lot like stretching a rubber band from one peg, around a second peg, and then attaching it to a third peg - remove the second peg, and the rubber band "snaps" to stretch between the first and third pegs. Here's an example:

If the pivot node you clicked on was at the end of a segment that wasn't connected to any other segments, the segment it's attached to is deleted:

There are a couple of restrictions on deleting nodes:

You cannot delete a drag node. Attempting to do so will display this warning dialog box:

You also cannot delete a pivot node that is attached to more than two segments. Attempting to do so will bring up a different warning dialog box: