Rules for posting in the Stykz Forums

The rules for posting in the Stykz Forums
Forum rules
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Rules for posting in the Stykz Forums

Postby stykzman on Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:07 am

Because the forums may be visited by anyone (including younger kids), anyone posting to the forums needs to abide by the following do's and dont's:

  • use profanity (strong cursing) or racist/sexist/etc. comments in your posts
  • include porn or links to porn in your posts
  • include any serial numbers/torrents/warez/etc. in your posts
  • post spam of any kind, including Smiley Spam
  • use leetspeak
  • include any blatant advertising in your sigs/posts
  • start more than one animation topic, or more than one styk topic (each forum member is allowed one of each, so just update the one you start with new stuff when the time comes)
  • double-post
    A double post is making a new post to a topic where the last post to that topic was one you had made earlier. When you do this, it will show two posts by you, one right after the other. If you need to say something more, edit your last post by clicking the Edit button and add the new text at the bottom (most people skip a line and add "EDIT: " just before their new text)).

    Exceptions to this rule are:

    • It's your own animation thread in Stykz Anims or Other Anims and you're making an announcement of adding a new animation
    • You have a REALLY good reason (and it better be good!)
  • post the same message in multiple forums
  • do one-word posts, or just post quotes of others without any words of your own, or quote someone with only one word after the quote in your post
  • mini-mod (act like you're a moderator when you're not)
  • make more than one account - if you do and you don't let one of the mods or the admin know that you did it, the new account will be banned
  • bump topics older than SEVEN days
    Bumping a topic is adding a new post to a topic that has not had any posts to it in the last 7 days. This usually indicates that the topic is finished and that it just hasn't been locked yet by the moderators.

    If you have something to say, start a new topic with your post... don't add your post to the 'old' topic.

    Exceptions to this rule are:
    • The forum description says it's OK to bump
    • The topic is "stickied"
    • It's your own animation thread in Stykz Anims or Other Anims
    • You have a REALLY good reason (and it better be good!)
  • flame other users
    Flaming means over-aggressively pointing out peoples mistakes in multiple messages. Not only is it rude, but it doesn't get you anywhere and will get you a warning.
  • have respect for all forum users, including guests/noobs
  • try to stay on topic, and try to keep from posting irrelevant/off-topic comments
  • make relevant suggestions for improvement of Stykz
  • submit bug reports (be as clear as possible in your description; include a recipe if you can)
  • post cool examples of anims you've made (one thread for all of your animations, with the first post holding links to or examples of your animations)
  • ask questions, especially if you don't understand something
  • encourage and support other Stykz users
  • use proper punctuation/spelling if possible - it really helps readability! Just FYI:

    • "you're" => "you are" / "your" => belonging to you
    • "they're" => "they are" / "their" => belonging to them / "there" => a location (like "it's over there")
    • "etc." => "and so on" (you have more that you could say) / "ect" => ___? (doesn't mean anything AFAIK)
    • "coming" => you're arriving somewhere / "comming" => short for "communicating"?

Most of all, have fun!

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Re: Rules for posting in the Stykz Forums

Postby flipside on Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:47 pm

Added new rule! Must use punctuation.
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