Windows Public Beta Release 1 Debuts… Mac Timeline Shifts   February 22nd, 2009

On Saturday, Feb 21, at about 3:30pm CST, Stykz for Windows Public Beta Release 1 was made available to the public, and was announced initially on the Droidz and DarkDemon forums along with the forums at There were dozens of downloads and feedback started to pour in, delaying the updating of the main web site with the announcement of Stykz/Windows.

The feedback that we received was a mixture of congratulations and a handful of specific bugs that really affected the experience of Pivot users trying their hand for the first time with Stykz.

Even though Stykz/Windows has only been out for about a day, it became clear to me that there are too many issues that have been identified that affect *all* platforms (plus the addition of Undo) to get done in time for the originally proposed Mac 1.0 release on February 28.

So the decision was made to put the Mac 1.0 release on the same time track as the Windows 1.0 release, which is for April 30. Additional Beta releases will be put out between now and then, every 1-2 weeks or so. (If you have downloaded Stykz/Windows or Stykz/Mac, make sure you have your “Check for Updates” turned on in Preferences, so you can get automatically notified when new betas are made available.) The Linux release was adjusted as well, since after the development of Windows/Mac 1.0, there shouldn’t be much to do except tweak a few things for Linux, so it’s been moved forward a month to May 31.

We know this is going to disappoint those using Stykz/Mac who were looking forward to getting a final release next week, but we really think it’s for the best.

If you want to download Stykz/Windows Beta Release 1 or Stykz/Mac Beta Release 3, go to and click on the download links.

The Stykz Development Team

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