Stykz 1.0.2 Update (Build 222)
January 2nd, 2011

An update to Stykz was released today that improves performance (a bit), fixes a number of bugs, and enhances the Stykz Help:

  • General
    • Added compaction to stack saving to help with file size reduction/performance enhancement.
    • Improved performance with moving multiple figures with the arrow keys.
    • Improved overall performance of Stykz by approximately 15%.
    • (Mac Only) Added custom icons for Pivot .stk and .piv files.
    • Fixed bug where the segment shown when drag-copying a segment was “stuck” on the first frame of a document after Stykz crashed. [1444]
    • Improved performance slightly by not checking Stykz documents when they open for font changes for the current platform. [1449]

  • Docs/Help/Support
  • Figure Manipulation
    • Fixed bug where attempting to deselect a single segment would deselect *all* of the segments of the target figure. [1434]
    • (Windows Only) Fixed bug where antialiasing for newly created segments would sometimes not match the antialiasing of the target figure. [1439]
    • Fixed bug where a polyfill in progress would get canceled if the “3 nodes” reminder alert was displayed. [1447]

  • Import/Export
    • Export Animated GIF
      • Modified Frame Delay so that it would show red if you picked a number less than 6/100ths of a second. [1428]
    • Import Pivot .stk File
      • Changed import so that if you hit the “75 generations” limit, the figure it was creating is removed from the document instead of leaving it partially done.
  • Installer
    • (Windows Only) Fixed bug where the shortcut to the Stykz Forums in the Start menu would not work. [1446]

  • Menus
    • (Windows Only) Fixed bug where Show Antialiasing was not matching the currently applied antialiasing of the frontmost document, especially with new documents. [1441]
    • (Windows Only) Fixed problem where mnemonics (underscores in menu items) were displaying at the wrong time). [1445]

  • Palettes
    • Commands Palette
      • Added ‘Set Color of Selected Figures – Web Safe’ command to allow making a button bring up the Web Safe color picker.
    • Controller Palette
      • Fixed bug that was causing an error dislog to appear when using the scrubber with the Frame Palette not showing.
    • Library Palette
      • Fixed bug that generated an error when trying to add a figure with all segments hidden to the Library. [1440]
    • Properties Palette
      • Fixed bug where creating an empty selection rectangle and releasing the mouse would incorrectly switch to show Figure Properties. [1448]

  • Stage/Windows
    • Fixed bug where nodes of the default stick figure for new documents would be in front of the menubar on Windows.

  • Undo
    • Fixed bug where some error dialogs were displaying when trying to undo the deletion or cutting of figures.
    • Fixed bug where locking/unlocking a figure could not be undone. [1419]

  • Welcome Center
    • Fixed bug where closing the Welcome Center after clicking on “From a Stykz .styk File…” and canceling would bring up a second “Open” dialog box. [1418]

Stykz 1.0 Update (Build 220)
December 4th, 2010

An update to Stykz was released today that fixes a bunch of bugs that were reported in prior 1.0 releases. The bugs that were fixed are:

  • Menus
    • File Menu
      • Fixed bug where an error dialog would result on Mac when doing “Save As”.
    • Figure Menu
      • Fixed bug where using “Add to Library” on a single node would generate an error dialog. [1423]
      • Fixed bug where using “Add to Library” and not specifying a name would generate an error dialog. [1417]
  • Docs/Help/Support
    • Stykz Help
      • Fixed typos in “Introduction: What Was Installed and Where?”.
      • Added info on aligning to the first selected figure to “Working With Figures: Setting Figure Properties”
      • Fixed bug where images weren’t apperaing in the “Task Manager” topic. [1424]
  • Import/Export
    • Export to Animated GIF
      • Fixed bug where export didn’t seem to be working when the backdrop was turned on (in actuality the progress window was displaying *behind* the backdrop window and the export was proceeding, but you couldn’t see it). [1429]
  • Palettes
    • Fixed bug where palettes didn’t update properly when some document windows closed. [1422]
    • Frames Palette
      • Fixed bug where clicking the “Next Frame” button would cause a loss of focus to the Stage so the arrow keys wouldn’t work. [1420]
  • Undo
    • Fixed bug where undoing the deletion of a figure after playing the animation and closing the StykzPlayer generated an error. [1432]
    • Fixed bug where an error dialog would result attempting to close an undo entry that had never been opened.

You can download the new release from the Stykz web site, or select Check For Updates from the Help menu when Stykz is running.

Pivot 3 Stick Converter Released
November 28th, 2010

In the wake of the Stykz 1.0 announcement, one of the features that is in Stykz is the ability to import Piv 3 .stks (something the beta versions didn’t have). As a fallout of adding the code to do this, I figured it would be helpful for the Pivot community as a whole to be able to convert Piv 3 .stks so they can be used in Piv 2 – so I made a little utility app that will do just that!

You can download it here – take note that if your Piv 3 .stk has a sprite in it, the sprite will be ignored and the rest of the figure will be converted. Should run on everything WinXP and higher, maybe even Win2K. (Remember that .pivs are NOT converted, just .stks.)

A minor update to Stykz was released that fixes a bug where double-clicking a Stykz document file to launch it would generate an error on Windows, a bug on Mac where you couldn’t export certain files to GIF format, and fixed a bunch of bugs in the Stykz Help app.

One more thing to be thankful for this year… :D

It’s been almost a year since the last public release of Stykz (RC4, Build 205 back in December of 2009), but I’m thrilled to be able to announce that the OFFICIAL RELEASE of Stykz 1.0 is now available for download, either through “Check for Updates” inside Stykz RC4, or from the download page on the Stykz web site.

During the last year, Stykz has been heavily tested by dozens of people across Mac and Windows platforms and in the process tons of bugs have been fixed and a few features added or refined. You can read the full release notes, but here are some key additions to Stykz 1.0:

  • Support for importing Pivot 3 .stks (sprites in a .stk are skipped – but the rest of the .stk is imported)
  • You can drag .stk and .styk files from the desktop into an open document to import it
  • GIF output is completely managed by a separate bundled command-line app (GIFsicle), so exported .gif files are much smaller, optimized, and fully compatible with all apps (AFAICT)
  • You can remove a node from a polyfill-in-progress without having to cancel and restart polyfilling (just Alt/Option-click the node that’s currently part of the polyfill you’re trying to create and it will be removed from the polyfill)
  • Export settings are now saved with the document and reused as the default choies when you go to export the animation again.
  • You can now use the < and > (actually it’s “,” and “.”) to go forward or backward one frame.
  • Full documentation is in a separate “Stykz Help” app that includes detailed info for Pivot users looking at Stykz and for new users in general (a link to the ‘Create Your First Animation’ – one of the topics in the Stykz Help app – is on the Welcome Screen). Just choose Help > Stykz Help to bring up the app.

The release of Stykz 1.0 coincides with a change to the Stykz web site, which is now cleaner and easier to use and has lots of great info about Stykz, including examples of Stykz animations created by forum members (some of which also allow you to download the related .stykz file so you can take it apart and see how the animator created the animation).

Enjoy the new web site and the official release of Stykz 1.0!

(Now I can get to work on the Linux version… ;-)