Pivot 3 Stick Converter Released   November 28th, 2010

In the wake of the Stykz 1.0 announcement, one of the features that is in Stykz is the ability to import Piv 3 .stks (something the beta versions didn’t have). As a fallout of adding the code to do this, I figured it would be helpful for the Pivot community as a whole to be able to convert Piv 3 .stks so they can be used in Piv 2 – so I made a little utility app that will do just that!

You can download it here – take note that if your Piv 3 .stk has a sprite in it, the sprite will be ignored and the rest of the figure will be converted. Should run on everything WinXP and higher, maybe even Win2K. (Remember that .pivs are NOT converted, just .stks.)

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